Looking for a pheasant breeder - Impeyan and Lady Amherst

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    I'm looking to get into pheasants this spring. I wanted to start with the Lady Amherst.... They are a particular favorite of mine and I'm told by other breeders that they're fairly easy to raise. Once I get the hang of that, I'd be interested in investing in some Impeyans also, though I can't find a breeder ANYWHERE. Due to the cost of them though, I dont want to start with them until i'm completely knowledgeable on them, are able to fully accommodate them, and most importantly, have a breeder who is maybe on hand to answer questions I have and maybe kind of walk me through the whole raising process.

    So I'm looking on BYC to see if there are any breeders who live near me or are willing to ship chicks or young/mature adult birds to the Pittsburgh area. I'm about 45 mins north of the City.

    You can post or PM me with prices, and what you might expect to have available around spring. Any helpful tips or things you think a n00b should know are also appreciated.

    I'm really not interested in hatching eggs at this time since I kind of have miserable hatch rates.

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