Looking for a place to purchase 5+ week old hens near Atlanta


8 Years
May 26, 2011
My husband and I have been wanting chickens for awhile. This weekend, we plan on finally building a coop. I really wanted to adopt chickens from a rescue, but they only have roosters available right now. I'm interested in getting information on breeders in my area that breed pet quality chickens that will also lay eggs. I want to be able to see the hatchery and make sure I'm not supporting an inhumane breeder. I'd also love suggestions on breeds. Right now we are considering Australorp, Delaware, Faverolle, Plymouth Rock, Sussex, & Wyandotte hens. We don't want them too young, so we know they're not roosters. I would love to have a rooster once we get a farm, but I don't think my neighbors would be happy if I did it now.

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