Looking for a safe home for 1 month old chick


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Apr 24, 2014
Hello everyone, I live in southwest Washington, onalaska to be exact. After a devestating attack on our three chicks, by our dogs, we have one terrified little girl who is clearly not safe here. The sole survivor. She has a little injury to her tail feather area where feathers appear to have been pulled out. We don't see any options but to give her away to a good home where she is safe to grow, run free and lay eggs. That was our plan. Thus all started by rescuing a chick from a local pond that had been dumped there. We ended up purchasing two more for her companionship, she was one of the two that perished.. We are pretty upset and don't have the stomach now to risk her life for a few eggs. We have a large bag of feed, bedding and have the water and feeders as well. We recently purchased a large coop and have not even finished assembling it yet. We would like to make some of our money back on the initial purchase but we are willing to take a reasonable offer. Hope someone can help. I believe she's a month old +/-. I apologize but I don't know her breed. She's yellow in color and very sweet, but very scared. Rightly so. She misses her companions and hope she can be adopted into a new brood soon. We will deliver and let me know if you would like some pictures of her.

Thank you,


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