looking for a Silkie breeder in alabama! Please help me out!


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Jan 15, 2012
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i recently lost all of my silkies in a fox attack and i am really wanting more! i have already felt with that fox too! but please if you live in alabama and a wanting to sell some of your silkies please let me know!!!!!!
Sorry about your loss...I lost one of my favorite splash silkies to a fox in the fall.

There are a lot of breeders on here who have quality silkies they'd sell if you can't find someone local-you just have to be willing to pay shipping prices. You might post on the "wanted to buy" page to see if you come up with someone!

Try Steve Wheat
on here he is
I believe, he's in AL and has some very nice birds. I use to have some of his stock here, was very pleased with them.

Put up some electric fence, poor ol silkies are pretty much defenseless against critter attacks
I have some currently growing out. Mine are all buff. I am just now starting to be able to tell gender (they hatched last fall). In another month or so I should be certain who is male and who is female.
Are you wanting show quality or just sweet birds to have around? I have a number in this hatch that are showing color defects that I will be selling at pet quality prices. They are good natured and cool looking. They just don't fit the standard.

I'm in Middle TN, but make occasional runs down to Huntsville.
yea i would probably be interested i just want some for pets! because the ones i had where just so nice! they always jumped in my lap and wanted me petting them! but can i see pictures of them?

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