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  1. quidnunc04

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    Oct 19, 2008
    I am trying to find a Silky breeder near Lexington, Kentucky. Our black Silky Rooster, Pete, was unfortunatley killed last night; we found him dead next to the coop with the hens still closed in. I don't know how he got out or what happened, but I know things won't be the same without him and his larger than life attitude.
    My son bought Pete (and our other birds) as a chick from my uncle, but he no longer has any Bantam breeds in his flock. We have been keeping chickens for about a year and a half now and just love them! Pete will be sorely missed.
    My email is [email protected].
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    Look for KentuckySilkies on this group.... Dont know if he is near Lexington, but he's in Kentucky! LOL

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