looking for a trade around dallas tx. many of mine to sell, LOOK

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  1. augiedranch

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    Mar 14, 2008
    I have a 14 week old black australorp male for sale, brahma bantams,and bantys

    the above group of birds i have hand raised. they will follow you around like a dog. very very sweet will sit on your lap and shoulders. they were vaccinated for mareks, and are fed free choice medicated chick starter/grower. and are now free range.

    i also have a rhode island red for sale that was born april 4th. i think its a male also. tame too.

    i also have a great laying hen,(barred rock) that i would consider trading for a buff orpington laying hen, or something eles you might think ill like.

    any of the above i am willing to trade for a brahma bantam female, golden polish male, or any buff orpingtons or jersey giants.

    thanks for looking!

    augiedranch (erica)

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