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Aug 23, 2021

New person, first post, let's go.

I'm experiencing some difficulty with my hens and would like to see if anyone has answers or could offer advice on what to do that might help. I've had chickens before, but we lived on a big piece of property and they were able to free range for a good portion of the day. They were good layers, never had a problem with them. We moved and I had to give them away. I recently was able to get new hens, they're almost a year old, and were laying quite well in the early part of the summer. Then they suddenly stopped? I haven't done anything to change their environment or their feeding habits. They've been in the same coop for almost all of their life, I keep their coop clean, they are not free range. They get a proper amount of feed and whatever scraps (lettuce, tomatoes, mealworms, etc) we have laying around. They were laying well and we were getting two eggs every day. For about the past two months they have almost completely stopped laying eggs. They have tons of shade, air flow, I keep their water full, I've done everything I can think of. We went from two eggs a day to maybe one egg a week and I'm not sure why. Any help would be appreciated!

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