Looking for advice on vent covers...Inside the coop or outside the coop?

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    Hi all...working on finishing up the coop. Probably going to tyvek it this winter to keep out the drafts between the sheeting and deal with some pine siding in the spring. Got good ventilation. I've got a long vent along the front north wall and under the angled roof on the east/west wall. We have about 1/2 the south wall vented at the top (similar to north wall). All the vent openings will be covered with 1/4" hardware cloth and screen.

    We're in northern MI...get a ton of snow and wind. What are the ups/downs to having vent covers inside vs. outside? Are there any or is it personal preference? Thanks!

  2. KrisH

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    I put the hardware cloth outside, my reasoning was to not give wild birds an easy place to build a nest on the ledge.

  3. DawnB

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    Yep, we're going to do that...I'm looking for insight on putting hinged covers over the vents to keep out the snow and such. I've seen some pics with pulley systems on the inside and outside. Didn't know if covers on the outside would bind up with ice, etc.
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    Quote: If they do, you wait for a thaw.

    If you put them on the inside, you'll have leaks inside

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