Looking for Backyard Chickens Fed Paleo Diet Near San Jose, California

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by westes, Nov 24, 2013.

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    I am near San Jose, California (about 60 miles south of San Francisco), and I am looking for a source for chicken eggs from chickens that are fed on a Paleo diet. This means that the chickens are being fed large amounts of insects, meat, fish, green vegetables, sprouting seeds, fruits, and other items that are Paleo diet compliant. I am unable to find any commercial farm that raises chickens on these dietary items, and that is obviously because of cost. I am willing to work out an arrangement with a local backyard farmer to share the feed costs, and I get eggs in exchange. Ideally, I would like to find someone who is also on the Paleo diet. That way the person who owns the chickens and I have similar dietary goals, and we can work together on the diet for the chickens as a shared activity with mutually shared goals.

    I know that some people here feel chickens need to be fed grains made of wheat, corn, etc. I think that this topic belongs in a different thread. But I think it is worth mentioning that the modern chicken was first domesticated only 7500 years ago, in Asia, using Grey Junglefowl and Red Junglefowl as the starter animal. Junglefowl eat exactly the diet I am describing. They forage for insects, seeds, vegetables, and fruits.


    When modern domesticated chickens are released into the wild, they almost immediately revert back to their ancestral diets. That's programmed into them by genes that were set millions of years ago. The changes made 7500 years ago were about breeding for rapid egg laying and captivity, not diet. The reason people feed chickens corn and wheat grains is because it is CHEAP. It is not because the chickens need this. In Winter when it is cold, the chicken will do very well on a rich diet of proteins and vegetables and fruits. And you will spend twice as much money supporting them. People feed chickens these cheap glucose-and-carbohydrate loaded grains for the same reasons that the commercial food industry stuffs nearly all processed foods for humans with the same ingredients: MONEY. Eating well - whether you are a chicken or a human - costs more money than eating poorly.

    Assuming that I can find a local group of chickens that the owner is willing to raise as Paleo chickens, I will have you work with a friend who is already very successfully raising her chickens this way. She knows EVERYTHING about how to feed a Paleo chicken successfully and has a lot of experience with it. Unfortunately she is 1500 miles away and I cannot buy her eggs.

    Hoping I can find someone close to San Jose, California who is willing to at least discuss this proposal. Thanks to all.
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    Welcome to BYC!
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    Welcome to BYC! x2 on Kelsie's advice good luck to you.
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    I followed your advice and posted on the Region specific forum as well, but in that thread I point back to this one, in order to consolidate the responses to a single place.
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    Welcome to BYC. Have you posted on a Paleo lifestyle forum? Perhaps this is a niche business for you to venture into.
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    My assumption is that only about 1% of the population (if that) is raising their own chickens. So my odds of finding someone on a Paleo forum are really slim. I think it is far more likely that among people who already raise chickens, maybe 5% of those have tried Paleo or want to try it. And then there may be the person who simply wants to feed their chickens high quality food, regardless of their own diet. I may try what you suggest anyway but would like to let this thread mature for a while first.

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