Looking for Bantam hen laying advice, please.

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    Oct 12, 2012
    Hello, thanks in advance for your time.

    We have a flock of 8, in Denver. New to chickens 7 months now and loving it.

    My question is we have a Belgian D'Anver who was 6 months and laying when we got her in May. One day in June , maybe July, she didn't look good. Separated her, 2 days later she seemed fine, returned to flock and hasn't laid a egg since???? She does sometimes act like she will lay a egg. pacing, clucking, fussing and gets in the box for a while....then nothing? Doesn't lay on other eggs?

    A English game hen, we got at same time as above hen. Was laying eggs great till 2 weeks ago? I noticed a few black spots on her comb. Read about fowl pox. I decided to put garlic & vinegar in the water and it seems to have cleared it up, but no eggs yet. Otherwise she seems normal too?

    7 other hens are laying, one hasn't laid first one yet. So I think our home ground food is good. I give lots of treats....ie...goose breast, quail breast ground up with tomatoes, apples, oats, flax seed. Cottage cheese, berries, yogurt. brown rice.

    Would really like to get these two little hens laying eggs again. They are so cute, but my husband will def make me exchange them in for egg layers.....

    Thanks again
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    You might try adding lights to give them 14 hours of daylight per day. Some light in the early morning and in the evening to extend the light. It is natural to slow down laying when the days get shorter.

    Any hens will have eggs come and go especially with stress...the thing is to have the chickens you love. Make sure they don't have mites/lice also (check under the wings and around the vent).

    here's a link
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