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    Mar 29, 2013
    Hi all! I am currently looking for bantam females of any age, and I'm looking for specific breeds: Orpington, OEGB, and Dutch, and maybe other types that are clean-legged and non-crested. I loooove the color mille fleur, but it has proven difficult to find that color in OEGB's and Dutch, and I don't think Orpingtons come in that color. I also like Isabel, Lavender, Jubilee, mottled, and other funky colors. I live near Haverhill, MA, right near the NH border, and I can pick up if you are within an hour away from me. If shipping is possible than I would be fine with that, too (I would pay for shipping, so no need to worry about that :) ). I also don't show chickens, so I don't mind if they're "pet quality" or not show worthy. Also, I'm sorry if I'm too specific or picky lol, I am just looking for some pretty ladies to add to my flock.

    I'm also not sure if this is the best place to post this, so I'll post it under some other categories just in case. Thanks in advance!
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    Online hatcheries such as my pet chicken offer sexed bantams. It's hard to say what they currently have available but will usually start to post for spring hatches in November.
    Good luck!
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