Looking For BBS/Lav Ameraucana Breeders in GA/South Eastern USA


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9 Years
May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
I'll re-post this in "Where Am I? Where Are You!" if I don't find anyone here, but I am looking for breeders of BBS (or just Blue/Splash) and/or Lav Ameraucanas in GA or south-eastern USA. Breeder = You have good stock!

I tried the ABC directory but it seems like who I was eyeing changed what they breed.

I have wondeful lavender ameraucanas and I'm in TN. Forgot to send in my money to the ABC so they took me off the list. They have beautiful egg color for lavenders too. Maybe I'll do another auction- for some reason my eggs go for waaaaay cheaper than the other lavs. And I don't have splits.

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