Looking For Beautiful Breeds

Silkies,Frizzles,orpingtons and i have red shavers ( first ever chickens) all of these i have had from a day old and they have the best personalities ever my shavers still dont realise they are chickens
,im hopeing to bred the silkie with a frizzle to get sizzles
.But i think all chicken breeds in there own right are pretty cool i to am starting to get different breeds just for the different personalities
I am a dual purpose kind of gal...I just love the way big fluffy DP birds look, and their wonderful personalities, and all the amazing colors they come in! My flock consists of french black copper marans, blue laced red wyandottes, buff orpingtons, a salmon faverolle, speckled sussex, and easter eggers.

I like wyandottes, they come in very pretty colors. I also think dorkings are nice looking as well as australorps. o course if your allowed to have roos virtually any breed will be quite pretty
I like blue, laced and penciled of any breed.
Good black birds like Black Jersey Giants and Black Penedesencas have beautiful green/blue sheen .
Jaers, Frizzles and Anconas are nice.
If it's warm where you are, Fayoumis and Seramas are nice too.
in the end its going to be what you like and not us
try looking at feathersite...www.feathersite.com they pratcally have (almost)every breed possable lol and its a great place to see the different colors and forms of the different breeds of chickens
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me there is nothing more beautiful than a leghorn hen or rooster - all the varieties.

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