Looking for Blue Laced Red (maybe Blue Partridge) Brahmas, may consider wyandottes


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
I lost a couple of my dark brahma hens this year, and I'm considering adding a few pullets to my flock - probably 5. Where as I love all of my dark brahmas, I've seen pictures of BLR brahmas and I'M IN LOVE with the color! Brahmas are the only breed of chicken that I've owned, & I have no complaints about them at all, but I'd also consider BLR wyandottes as well. If blue partridge brahmas are easier to get, I will consider them.

I'm located in Athens, PA & would prefer to find a breeder that's somewhat local, 1 & 1/2 hour away max, or possibly one that might be going through the area and would be willing to meet for a pick up.

If I can't find a breeder around my area, I'm thinking about either buying some sexed chicks next spring, or possibly ordering some fertile eggs & hatching them out myself - if I do get eggs, I'd like to get them in about a month before easter, as I told someone I'd hatch them out some of my dark brahmas the week before easter.

Does anyone know any breeders of the BLR brahmas, partridge brahmas, or BLR wyandottes?


Also, I'm not in a hurry for them. I just have no clue who breeds them & who to contact to get started. So any information would be appreciated. :)

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