Looking for breeders in the San Francisco area.

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    Dec 2, 2011
    Does any one know of farms or breeders near the San Francisco Bay Area that sells pullets about 10 weeks old? I would like to add a few more girls to my flock. I ended up with too many roosters and not enough hens. I am looking for Ameraucanas, Wellysummers, Olive Eggers. I am also looking to re-home the roosters. Maybe someone near me would like to do a trade? I have one each - Olive egger, Lav. Orpington, Blue Copper Marans, Blue Ameraucana, and a Silver Laced Wyandotte. I appreciate any help.
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    You might want to also go to the Where Am I? thread and find some locals who may have chickens.

    There are a lot of folks in Oakland and Sacramento who have chickens. Modesto, too!

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