Looking for Buff Orp Rooster in Central MS area

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    Jun 30, 2008
    I am new to the "chicken business" and have just bought some Buff Orp chicks, all hens. I had a rooster when I ordered them but lost him last week. He was not a Buff Orp but a roadside rescue from a chicken truck and he simply outgrew his heart and died last week. The folks at My Pet Chicken told me that these chickens are not bread for longevity. They were right.

    I would love to find a Buff Orp rooster chick locally.

    Thanks for any info out there.

  2. wingnut1

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    I have a gold laced polish rooster (14 weeks) that needs to be rehomed and I am in central MS - if you are interested, send a message. He is from My Pet Chicken a beautiful and sweet bird - but he came out of an all pullet order and I don't live in an area fond of rooster crows. He is a wonderful pet - and I wouldn't want him to be eaten (Polish are not too meaty!) - he must go to a good home.
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    Welcome aboard Trey, always good to see some new folks on here from MS. I do not have any buffs at the moment, but everything else!! I am from Starkville originally and now live in the big city of Tupelo. We come to Starkville about every week and we hunt in Ackerman. There is a member onhere jmhappycowboy that is down around Jackson and I believe he has buffs. Look him up on here and PM him.
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