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Apr 7, 2008
Hi all...I'm looking for BO eggs. I want the eggs to be from LARGE birds. I have some hatchery BO's running around here (hens) and they aren't all that impressive. I saw some birds at an auction over the weekend and they were HUGE. I didn't realize they got so big, and now I have to have some! If anyone has any available, please PM me. Pics of parents/flock would be great, too if you have them. I can purchase outright or trade.


Try Jody (hinkjc) she has beautiful birds, strong and healthy. Can't go wrong with them..
Just curious...but did you happen to go to the Mt. Hope Exotic Auction this weekend? I went there and saw some HUGE BO there...I was shocked at how big they were! Just wondered if we happened to see the same ones!
I am getting fertile buff orp eggs regularly. 12+ for $25 includes s/h. I accept paypal at [email protected] if you're interested. Thanks.

Crazychicken....I sure was!! I was SOOO tempted to bid on a pair. If you checked them out, there were 3 pairs. One had a really nice hen that was in with a roo that had foot issues (crooked toes). The other 2 pairs had pretty nice roos with smaller hens. They went for 20-35 a PIECE. I am too cheap to pay that : ) I also was looking at that trio of black standard cochins...I just don't have room right now. I did end up buying that GQF incubator (did you see it?). It does work...yippee...but I need to order a few parts (humidity pan, etc.). Did you buy anything out there?

hinkjc....I am PMing you.

Leah! I wanted that bator! If you don't mind me asking.....how much did you get it for? I left as they were auctioning that section off. I wanted the cream brabanters that went for $20 a piece. I did not stay over there to hear how much the BO went for. How much did those black ones go for? My head was pounding and my girls were tired of standing there. So we wen to get some food.

Oh BTW I was with crazychickengirl! LOL
Hey Harley! I should have posted on here to ask who was going. It would have been nice to meet up with some BYC'ers. I got the bator for 250 and was praying that it worked....lol. I knew my hubby could fix it if it didn't, but sometimes it takes him AWHILE to get around to things...if you know what I mean. I saw all those Brabanters, too. Most people there didn't even know what they were (including the aucitoneers). Those standard cochins went for 17 a piece, I think. They were nice. BTW...I was the one carrying the newborn baby around in a navy snugli on my chest ALL DAY LONG....so if you noticed someone doing that, it was ME!

I just wanted to say that I got 14 eggs from Jody (hinkjc) and the post office had broken 2 of them. 11 of 12 are developing. I am on day 10. I have no doubt that I am going to have a high percentage hatch rate on these beauties. Check out her pics in her thread on the breed and genetics board here.
Does your baby have thick black hair? We (crazychickengirl and I) had 3 little girls with us and 1 younger boy. I seen 2 people with snugglies. One had their baby covered up and the other did not. My friend (Jen) said to the lady wish my babies would have been born with that much hair! Was that you? How cool! I sure hope your incubator works too. I jut kept walking by it and eye balling it. LOL I knew if I stayed I would have been trying to get it. And that is a great price for it! Did you get any birds then? Jen got a sultan rooster. I wanted to brabanters and spitzenhaubens. But did not get either. I went home empty handed. But I did get bit by a skunk, charged by an elk, chased by a ram, and clawed by a 2 week old cougar! LOL I had quiet the day!! It was fun bu t next time I think I will come kidless. BTW there is another exotic sale in November. Just incase you were interested.
Heck don't we all need more birds? LOL
Sounds like a lot of fun.

Just wanted to also say how nice Jody's BO are. I liked the ones that I hatched early in the year so much that I just got another bunch of eggs from her. They went in bator on Friday.
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