Looking for chicks, keets, and ducklings in lee county VA

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    Dec 6, 2010
    Southwest Virginia
    Does anyone have any of these for sale near Big Stone Gap in Lee county VA?:

    White Silkies- Looking for 3-6 pet quality is fine
    Frizzle Cochin- Looking for 3-6 pet quality is fine
    Also interested in the following breeds: Brahma, Salmon Faverolle, and EE's

    Non chicken interests are:
    Ducks- looking for 3 or more: Welsh Harlequins, Cayuga, Rouen, or even a barnyard mix of these breeds.
    Guinea Keets- Most interested in the royal purple. I'm looking to buy probably 6-12

    Send me a PM with location and prices if you have any. Thanks :) I would rather buy local than from a hatchery, but can't drive too far.

    EDIT: I would also be interested in hatching eggs of these types if you could send a couple dozen mixed eggs of most of these for a reasonable price. I haven't had great luck with the post office where I am so I'm not willing to pay alot for hatching eggs.
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