looking for dairy goat supplies in nepa

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  1. okay so we have a few goats we are talking about getting more. We love our milking nannies and their milk ![​IMG] any way I was wondering if anyone had unwanted milking supplies, or could tell me where to get some through mail order, website or local store. We have been milking by hand all summer but if we build a larger herd as we are talking about doing. We would like to get a milking machine, so parts or even tips on what to get where, would be great. Also does anyone have a good recipe for home made ice cream made with goat milk. I am looking for one that be the ice cream you put in a maker with ice and rock salt, but all I can find are ones that say you cook it on a stove top (?) then freeze it in a freezer.
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    MP left this link awhile ago:

    I plan to buy our stuff there as well.
    Where did you buy your dairy goats? I'll be looking for some in the spring and maybe you could help me since you're also in NE PA [​IMG]
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