Looking for dim solar light suggestions


5 Years
May 13, 2014
Not interested in forcing egg laying in the winter but someone suggested a dim light might help coax them back into the hen house after dark. I'm looking for suggestions, especially a light that is dimable so it's not blinding them at night. Thanks!!


8 Years
Jan 14, 2012
Conway SC
You would not want a light to stay on all night. Are you close to electricity? A Christmas timer---comes on a dusk and can stay on for 2 hrs or more----(different settings) is all you need with a night light that some use in the bath room, hall way, etc. I do this all the time to draw chicks into their sleeping area----but only need it 2 or 3 nights most of the time. You can get a little flash light that uses 1 AA battery and fix/secure it where it will shine up in the ceiling so it lights up the inside of the coop and just let it burn all night or till that battery goes dead, then put a new one in the next evening being you are only going to be using it a few nights.

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