Looking for Dominiques In Central Texas

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    Hello to all our Texas Peeps. I have a lady that lives in Grapevine that is looking for a Dominique hen. She is just starting out but has a few birds already and would like to add a nice Dom to her flock. I am getting her to set up a BYC account but until then I told her I would post this for her. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You
  2. ThePamperedPullet

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    Is there no one in Texas that has Dominiques?
  3. banks

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    I don't know if a Barred Rock is similar to a Dom or not but I got my BR from Marshal Grain in Ft Worth. They have a Grapevine store but do not sell chicks there. She migh call Marshall's @817-416-6600 it's on E Lancaster in Ft Worth.

    Best of luck

    BTW I am looking far a layer of light Blue eggs if you happen across any.
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    Aug 20, 2009
    East Central VA
    She contacted me as well. I haven't been able to find any out here. I was promised some back in the spring but when I went to pick up they were barred rocks [​IMG]
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    Jan 15, 2010
    i know the apa rep had them sam bush ft worth area

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