Looking for dual purpose/silkie BREEDER NEAR ONTARIO CANADA


10 Years
Oct 4, 2009
Hey guys I am looking for a breeder of Orpingtons, RIR, Plymouth Rocks, pretty much any good dual purpose birds or silkies. I need at the very least a few broody hens.

I found a hatchery in Ontario, performance poultry, but I am not 100% on hatcheries. I would LOVE to find a breeder.

Anyone know of any reliable chicken breeders in Ontario area, or throughout Canada? I can't take any from the states, they won't be delivered over the border. I've been googling my butt off and I just cannot seem to find any list of canadian chicken breeders! Only hatcheries and even then only one in my area.

Many many many thanks
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I will likely end up going through a hatchery but I would rather pay more money for good quality animals from a breeder. Fingers crossed!
yo dude i live in Canada Ontario too lol
Im looking for dual purpose birds especially the RIR. If you find anywhere can you please pm me? be a nice neighbor xD

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