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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by samuelvw1, Mar 15, 2016.

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    I'm looking to get a chicken that when it grows will lay Easter eggs where should I look to get one also I need help what should I get I never raised a chick before heat lamp what kind of container they will live in etc..
    Thanks Sam

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    You may be thinking of a breed called "Easter Egger". When you buy them from a hatchery, they tend to be called "Ameraucanas. They lay blue, or greenish blue, olive green and even tan or brown eggs, depending on the individual, but the individual will only lay one color, not every color.

    To read up on the very latest way to brood baby chicks, also the easiest and best for their development, scroll down to the links I've left below this post and click on the middle one. It will tell you all you need to know, complete with pictures!
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    I know most hatcheries sells Easter Eggers. At Meyers hatchery you can buy as few as 3 chicks and you can buy sexed females! Most other hatcheries have high order limits on birds like 10 to 15. But Meyer let's you order as few as 3.you would go online to their website and in the search write the breed you want, then press availability and it will have hatch days and if females are available for that hatch. if it says male only look at later hatch dates. limited availability means they do have females left for that date but I believe it's less then 100. very limited availability means less than 50 females left for that specific date. being later in the Season you might have to look to may and June hatch or later depending . I ordered in January for my choice of hatch dates. I choose April because it's warmer.you might take a look and see when the next hatch with females will be. Always check back because some hatches get more females than expected and Availability changes at that point.My Pet Chicken also allows as few as three shipped. You might check them as well for females and available hatch dates. Both places carries the breed your looking for so check availability in both places. hope this helps.
  4. realsis

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    Jan 17, 2013
    just checked Meyer hatchery for you and they have female Easter Eggers available for as soon as May. Order soon so you can reserve the female.
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    Just to clarify---Easter eggers as a type can lay different color eggs, but each individual hen will only lay one color egg all her life. You won't have one hen lay blue eggs one day and pink the next. What ever color she starts with is the color she'll lay all her life.

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