Looking for Eggs/CHicks near Vassar/Tri- State MICH.

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    HI everyone Please help [​IMG], Looking for MICHIGAN people, Will travel for eggs or chicks.

    CHICKEN WITHDRAWAL here.. need some eggs to hatch.. or chicks.. I had to rehome my flock (23 girls and a few roos) to make the move and Im ready for some fluffy butts again.

    I know Im surrounded by Chicken peeps in my area, but not having luck with facebook or craigslist finding anything but RIR...

    Please let me know what you have in chicks or eggs... I am almost in town (Im in town , but not the city limits so I wont beable to keep roos)

    Top choice breeds are Lav Orp, Speckled sussex, Maran, Rhode Island Red, EE's but will consider barnyard mixes of the right mixes.. LOL ( I don't even know how to pick , I want a variety and am starting off with only 6 pullets. UGGGH)

    Praying my neighbor (only 1 Im wondering about) will LOVE my little fluffy butts.
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  2. Oh another true poultry addict [​IMG]

    So have you checked you state trend ?????????

    And you know BYC has a Buy-Sell-Trade Trend have you checked any of these Scorsese my friend [​IMG]

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