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    Mar 27, 2012
    Hi! Im looking for hatching eggs, Chicks or young adults from show quality stock. I'm looking for the following breeds, and colors. will also be open to other breeds and colors but these are the main ones I would like!
    • D' Uccle: Millie Flur, Blue/Black Mottled, Porcelain
    • Brahma: Dark, Buff: LF or Bantam
    • Wyandotte: Blue laced red, Silver laced: LF or Bantam
    • Barnevelder : Silver laced
    • Americana: Lavender, Blue Wheaton: LF or Bantam (open to other colors!!)
    • Frizzle Cochin: Black: Bantam only
    • Cochin: Blue, Black: LF only
    If you have any of these breeds please let me know! If you could fill out the format just so the thread stays a bit more organized that would be great! Pictures also please of parents!

    Color available:
    Eggs, Chicks, Young:
    Price( per egg or dozen ect, per chick, per young:

    Thank You, Morgin

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