Looking for eggs - Western PA


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May 25, 2019
Hello, everyone!

Each weekend, I take my eggs to a farmers market to sell them, share in the education and benefits of our backyard chicken lifestyle, and spread the healthiness and beauty of what our girls lay for us each and every day.

I currently have a flock of 24 laying hens. Although each week I take a decent amount to the market, I would love to have more eggs to bring with me. Everyone that I have sold to so far cannot believe the difference in the farm fresh vs. store bought eggs, and most live in areas where they are unable to have chickens, so they rely on me weekly. Currently, I am in the process of possibly acquiring more chickens for the upcoming year, but in the mean time, I wanted to reach out to see if anyone in the areas has any excess eggs that they would be willing to sell to me so that I could add to my weekly market supply.

I look forward to feedback :)

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