Looking for female indian runner in Northern Virginia (Woodbridge)


8 Years
Aug 29, 2011
I registered for this forum and write this with a very heavy heart. Puck, the mama duck and "leader" of my small flock of backyard ducks, died yesterday. It was sudden (she had been perfectly fine the night before but had a seizure as soon as I let her out of her house in the morning). Her mate (Sweetness) and daughter (Joy--I don't breed ducks, but Joy was a surprise hidden egg, apparently) are confused, and this also leaves with with a particularly bad male to female ratio (I have two male indian runners, one male Pekin, one female Pekin, and one tiny female runner--that's Joy, who is about half the size of any of the other runners).

As much as I want to just grieve for a while, I need to find another female runner. I'd prefer a grey/black one (like Puck, in her honor), but I'm not that picky. I would like her to be fairly tame--I'm not talking about a house duck, but don't want a duck that will bite if I pick her up. (Not common, but my ducks are taken to the vet once a year routinely and for any illnesses or injury.)

My ducks are "free-range" during most days (I have a large back yard), but are put in a large pen (about 10 x 20 feet) at night (and other times when I can't keep an eye on them), and further are locked inside custom built big houses to sleep. (The houses have heaters, too, for the winter if it gets too cold.)

If anyone has a female indian runner that they would me willing to give or sell to a good (and very loving) home--my ducks are allowed to live as an outdoor flock, but are very loved and spoiled outdoor ducks. Doesn't have to be a duckling, but a year or two at most. And, HAS to be female. (Quack quack.)

You can e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks!

I don't have runners but wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss and hope there is someone here who can help..
Thank you. I hope so too. The entire group is kind of lost--as sweet as Puck was, she was the one everyone followed and they counted on her to determine what the next area was to futz around in, or where the best bugs were, etc. I'm sure someone else will take on that role eventually. I'm most concerned for the now outnumbered tiny runner Joy and near crippled Pekin Clementine (she was found dumped at a construction site and has some lingering leg weakness from bad early nutrition)--I've got three VERY robust and randy males. So far, it's okay, but I don't want to have to start separating them.

After she died (I ran with her in the house--not sure what I thought I could do) I put her down on the ground and they all kind of stood around her "talking" to each other for maybe 10 minutes before wandering off, but her mate Sweetness now stays in the run (instead of excitedly running out into the yard as soon as the gate is opened) all the time. I know I'm probably assigning my own grief to him too. But, he and Puck were inseparable.

Sorry for going on and on. I'm pretty sad right now and there aren't a lot of people who understand why my ducks are so important to me and why her death is so devastating.

Listen we all understand what your feeling, I'm sure Pucks mate is very lost right now, they form very close bonds and when one is missing it's takes awhile to regroup, I wish I could help, I hope someone close to you will be able too, this thread will pick up more as the day goes on so lets keep your post up at the top so others will see it.
Hi, there. Sorry for your loss. Not sure if you saw it but we do have a section in the forums dedicated to buying and selling. How far are you willing to drive to find the right duck?
Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the sympathy (nice to be with people who "get it").

I didn't see the buying/selling area, but will put it there too. I'm willing to drive a bit (a day trip!) for a sweet female runner, but it would also be great if I didn't have to. I drove about two hours to pick up Clementine, the Pekin duck that was found at a construction site. And, I got Puck (and the two male runners, Sweetness and Stretch) about five years ago from a now-closed farm outside Richmond.

THEY were supposedly Pekin ducklings. I had one lone newly-hatched Pekin (Doose) who came from a single egg I found (and hatched in an incubator) in his parents' (Duck Duck and Goose) duck house after something killed them. (That's why my duck houses are now more secure and surrounded by a run.) I didn't want Doose to be an only duck.

Woodbridge, Virginia--about 30 miles south of Washington, DC. Not exactly a duck haven (but my county is partially rural so no rules against having them).


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