Looking for female white ducks in Northern Virginia

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mshell, Jun 1, 2010.

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    Jun 1, 2010
    Last spring a niece came home with three ducklings from college and her Mom wouldn't let her keep them so my husband and I took them in.
    It turned out we had two boys and one girl. In October I went out of town and my husband forgot to put them to bed one night and something
    got our female. Our boys follow me everywhere when I am outside, and go from window to window following me when I am inside, and they are
    getting very aggressive. They are also trying to mate with each other. The back of one's neck is a mess where the otherone keeps grabbing him
    trying to mount him. This is our first time having ducks. I think that I need to get them a couple of girls. Does anyone know where I can get female
    white ducks in Northern Virginia? I live in Loudoun County.
  2. Hi! I'm also from Loudoun and I have 9 Pekins that we bought at Southern States. There is a lady on CraigsList that bought 3 Pekin (girls I think) there and she is trying to re-home them - so you might want to check there. If that doesn't work out I know someone who works there sells poultry. I don't think they have any Pekins but it wouldn't hurt to ask. If you want his contact info just PM me. If none of that works out we might be ordering from Holderreads or somewhere else to get our Blue Swede a friend and also we'd like a few Welsh Harlequins. Maybe you could just add a few Pekins to the order so we both don't have to order the minimum.

    I think with two drakes you need more than three females. I've read a good ratio is three females to every male.

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