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    Hi everyone!Mi name is Rachael, I came from Italy and I'm a fun of silkie!I breed Silkies by 5 years in the american standard, even if I'm european :), I'm trying to diffuse it in Europe making it recognise..now many breeders here has american line.
    I wrote 1 years ago a complete book on breeding and selection, it have had a good success, now I'm writing a new edition where I speak more about genetics and I would be pleasured to publish some interesting photos for example chick down stripes where I explain the pattern gene effect, the eye line on buff chicks, the columbian spot ont the head of buff and red ect.
    I like also breeding photos, some particular on breeding or illness, laying, oviduct prolaps, wirey down chicks feathers.
    Naturally under the photo your name and a free copy of the book..it is a 240 pages format B5, and more than 350 photos coming all over the world and above all of the best known european selectionners.
    Here my website www.moroseta.bravehost.com
    Here the book summary www.moroseta.bravehost.com/libro
    my mail [email protected]
    Thank you to everybody!

    I breed the new lemon colour silkie, an uniform colour present only in silkie and I'm transferring it to silkied Chabo. It has the recessive ig gene. It was selected in Holland trought the lemon laced Sebright and Millefleur lemon Booted Bantam
    Here a photo[​IMG]
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