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    I'm hoping for some help [​IMG]

    We live in Central (Northern'ish) Arizona, Prescott, to exact and are looking to add to our flock. We have 7 hens now and we want to add another Barred Rock and White Leghorn. We are wanting a couple Buff Orphingtons and Black Copper Marans. Our daughter is thinking maybe another Ameraucana.

    Do you know anywhere in AZ that we can order them from that would guarantee we would get hens? Or which would be the best hatchery to order from that would be close to us? If they are in AZ they would have to be within 1.5 hrs for us to pick up as I can only sit in a car 3 hrs top. ( I'm on disability due to back problems and 3 back surgeries [​IMG] )

    I've read this post by Golden Feather https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/977330/adding-new-chicks-to-the-flock to hubby and love it. We intend to use this plan to add the new girls in as we used a similar situation when we had to separate Forest from the rest of the girls while she healed with stitches. We put a cage inside the coop so she could see and stay close to the rest of them and it worked great. A lot of the time the other girls would nap on the floor next to her.

    Anyway, any and all suggestions welcome.
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    Buying sexed chicks in those breeds still carries a 5-15% chance of having a surprise male - the reason being that vent sexing day old chicks (the method used for those breeds) is not an exact science and no hatchery can guarantee 100% accuracy. To avoid surprise males you may want to consider purchasing started birds - those 6+ weeks of age (4 months is even better if you want to be absolutely sure of gender).
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    5 or 6 weeks is when the combs start showing you their true sex. I use the "triple comb" method with pretty much 100% accuracy. I also will be trying my sister-in-laws method of sexing EGGS as soon as I finish building my new incubator, I will certainly let everyone here know if it works for US as well. She claims near 100% hens with her method, and my brother verified it! (They live far away) Will keep you all posted.

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