looking for help choosing a couple of kid friendly breeds to show


8 Years
Sep 10, 2011
My name is Dale Anne and I live in south Louisiana with my husband and 6 children. My third child put a stop on my horses and barrel racing. I figured showing rabbits would be more family oriented and cheaper. 400 plus bunnies later that I traveled from Waco, Tx to Chattanooga, Tn to Atlanta, Ga to pick up I realized 4H didn't take rabbits seriously around here. So then came the acquisition of Boer goats. First 2, but I thought they were lonely and so darn cute that I got 2 more. Then I thought it would be fun to raise them and bought a herd of 11. Looking back I don't think thinking was involved at all in that process...the horses, rabbits and goats are all gone now. I miss them dearly. So I thought the broiler project would be fun and we could fill the deep freezer. We didn't make it to the show. The freezer is empty and we now own a very friendly flock of white chickens. My dad thought getting chickens sounded good and ordered some white LSU chickens, some buff orpingtons and some barred rocks. So far the buff roosters have attacked everyone who has walked out back. The barred rock roosters have attacked at least the 2 year old twins, my 14 year old and me. The white chickens will eat out of your hand, let you hold them and pet them and follow your every step. They are just plum sweet. They are not show quality chickens. I'm pretty sure they aren't purebred. I want to get some cute or pretty breeds that DON'T attack that will be safe for the little kids and the big kids can show them. ALSO...I don't want anything that has to be altered to be shown. I am not trimming parts off live chickens. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I think the Frizzles are adorable would they be okay for us?


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Dec 13, 2010
If you are interested in bantams and don't want to "dub" (as required for OEGBs), check out the Dutch Bantams. I have lavenders (self blues) and light browns, and they are the sweetest chickens on the place (out of over 120 birds). I have two adult lav roos, one light brown adult roo, and three adolescent light browns. ALL of them will jump on my shoulder and ride around, eat out of a kid's hand, and just generally make a pest of themselves whenever "two leggeds" are around if someone isn't holding them. And the hens are even sweeter! I've got one lav hen that will run all the way across the front yard (over an acre) to catch a ride on your shoe top, then when you stop walking she will bok bok until you pick her up so she can "preen" your hair. If she's on the porch and the door opens, she expects to either be picked up by whomever comes out of it or be allowed in the kitchen to "converse" with the family. I have silkies, too, and I have to say I find the Dutch even sweeter, and I get such a kick out of watching those tiny little roos strut around like they're "big boys." I can't imagine a better breed for kids to show. Just don't get them from a hatchery, as they will likely have OEGB crossed in. Find a good breeder who knows the background of his/her birds so you can breed them and be confident you won't have wonky combs, light legs, etc., cropping up from the OEGB.


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Jun 2, 2011
Snyder County, PA
from the Finger Lakes of New York! So glad you joined us. As for chickens, I would say our Red Stars (RSLs) are the most friendly we have seen. We have NOT had good luck with bantams. Just our experience, though. I know a lot of people love them. Ours were EVIL, so, off to freezer camp for them. We had some Nubian-Boer goats a few years ago, but they just would not stay in (no matter how we enclosed them). Now, we have African Pygmies and love them dearly. Again, glad to have you aboard.

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