looking for home made organic feed recipes

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    Jan 28, 2010
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    I am looking for organic feed recipes to see if it worth the time/effort to make it versus buy it.
    I currently pay $19 for a 50# bag of organic feed (natures best), if i buy Blue seal feed, it's $24 + for 50#.

    Thanx in advance, Brian
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    Brian, there are some pretty complicated formulas out there. Something that makes sense to me is to go back to an earlier time when the feed industry wasn't so involved in agriculture.

    A guy by the name of James Dryden was a professor at what is now Oregon State University. He was also the owner of the first 300 egg/year hen and the 1st 1,000 egg/lifetime hen. Dryden wrote a book called, "Feeding for Eggs." I think he knew something about the subject [​IMG].

    It would be fairly easy to substitute organic ingredients in one of his formulas. You can find a simple formula on page #6. Download the book (it is less than 25 pages) thru the OSU library (click here).

    Dryden also encourages the use of vegetables in their diet and doesn't even recommend grinding all of the grain. He simply notes that the hens will eat as much as 20% less feed if some of it is ground.

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    Cool! I never saw that one. Downloaded to my desktop for my reading pleasure... I took a quick peek at the recipe simple for sure.. Interesting indeed..[​IMG]

    I mix my own. Everything is organic but the Black Oil Sunflower. My costs are under $16 per 50. I buy in bulk once a year. (Spring planting time, many ingredients come from an organic seed company not a "feed store".

    Ask questions.. I am happy to answer.


    6 part Black Oil Sunflower (17%P)
    6 part Oats (12%P)
    6 parts Red Wheat (17%P)

    3 part Field Peas (24%P)
    3 part cracked Corn (9%P)
    3 part whole Flax (34%P)
    3 part Alfalfa (17%P)

    .5 part Kelp
    .125 Oyster shell
    .125 DE
    .125 Azomite

    For daily mash first 3 ingredients are mixed and sprouted. Last 8 ingredients are mixed and wetted for mash prior to mixing in with sprouts.

    Proper ratio is as follows for daily serving..: 2 parts sprouts to 1 part mash.

    Above mix has ::: PROTIEN= 17% unsprouted

    Sup. With meat or fish which is about 25% protein

    Sup with ACV, Kombucha, Yogurt or water kefir for probiotic..

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