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    So I have been knitting for a while and have the basics down so I figured now would be the time to look through patterns. My mom bought me this box of patterns and the one I started is a fingerless glove. I've started it but now I can't understand what it wants me to do.

    This is the part I'm stuck at. If someone can decode it and explain it I would be forever grateful!

    Switch to St st, increase 2sts evenly over next rnd
    Work even for 1/2 inch.
    On the next rnd, prepare for thumb gusset as follows knit across Place marker K1 Place marker, knit across last sts

    And then there's the whole thumb deal if i get this part Ill work on the thumb later.
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    Most likely you were doing some sort of ribbing for the writst, the 'St st' is the stockinette stitch, just knit all the way around, no purls. There a a lot of ways to increase your stitches. The one I like the most because you can't see it in the finished item is to do a knit stitch in the front loop of the stitch, but do not move it to the right needle. In that same stitch, knit through the back loop of the stitch and move it to the right needle.

    To place it evenly in the round, make a stitch in the middle of the round and one in your last stitch. Let's just say you had 20 stitches in a round. Make one stitch in stitch 10 and one in stitch 20.

    A marker is just something to keep track of where you are. There are fancy ones, there are plain plastic rings. When I can't find one, I'll take a bread tie and make a circle out of it. Or, use a scrap piece of yarn (in a different color and tie to make a circle). Where it tells you to place a marker, just put it on the right hand needle. Knit one, then put another marker on your right needle.

    The next round (or two), the pattern will tell you to knit across. When you get to the marker, just slip it from the left needle to the right needle.

    Holler if this isn't clear

    www.knittinghelp.com has videos on a lot of knitting stuff
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    I second the suggestion for using videos. They are easier to follow and I can watch them again and again. I usually go to YouTube and sit with my computer when knitting. I'm sure there are some videos on knitting fingerless mitts.

    Also, have you checked out ravelry.com? Free to join and has a huge pattern database. The patterns are rated based on difficulty and you can ask the other members about specific pattern questions.

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