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    Nov 4, 2013
    I just got my white silkie pullet this Saturday. I only have her as a pet no other chickies. She's extremely quiet and sweet. I did my research on it being legal in California to own chickens but I now feel dumb that I didn't look into specific cities. I need to measure how far her hutch is from the neighbors but could anyone give me insight on the regulations for mira mesa area? I clean her hutch on a daily basis and she never loud, her hutch is in our backyard up against the wall of our sliding door so she's not close to the neighbors fences. She clucks softly when she's gets excited about being put out in the yard to roam around but not loud at all. Our conure was ten times louder then her! Any info helps!

    I just remembered... we live with our in laws and they don't mind or silkie but I just remembered they are.with an HOA. Does this mess everything up with having her? I'll be devastated :(
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