Looking for Local or Private Poultry Breeders?

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    Apr 7, 2012
    Thought I would start a thread Dedicated to Private/ Local Breeders..Since I haven't Seen one yet...

    I myself am having a difficult time finding, and getting in contact with Breeders that carry the breeds of chickens I am looking for. I know I am not alone, and I hope that this will help other people too :)

    If you are a breeder, Please list the following:
    1) User Name/ Farm Name
    2)State you are located
    3)List the type(s) of birds you breed/ are planning on breeding
    4)Will you Ship out of your State?
    5)Method for contact, to keep the thread clean.

    >>>> Example Only::

    Azahara Ranch
    Chickens: Bantam Buttercups, Bantam White Faced Black Spanish, Spangled OEG.
    Waterfowl: Chinese Geese, Runner Ducks, Call Ducks
    Game/Other Fowl: Royal Palm Turkeys
    Pick-up Only
    *PM for more info, and availability :)

    Thank you!

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