Looking for lost recipes for Holiday season.


11 Years
Jun 15, 2008
Sweet Home Alabama!!
I am looking for two recipes from childhood Holiday memories.
I would like to make these for my family this next holiday season.

First One was a homeade Peanut Butter cake my aunt made from scratch. Very moist cake flavoured with Peanut Butter and a Peanut Butter icing. The icing may have had cream cheese as a base but I cannot remember for sure. It was very rich and flavorful.

The second was a Scratch Peanut Butter pie. It had several layers of different strenghth flavors of peanut butter. Again I think it may have had crean cheese in one or more layers. It had a dark (Oreo Type) crust. It was not an instant pie as it had to be baked like a cheesecake. Then it had some sort of light peanut butter flavored whip topping on top with either crumbs sprinkled on top or reese cups.

Anyone have these? Please share your scratch and homemade recipes.

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