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    May 23, 2012
    As some of you know, I lost a chicken on Tuesday Aug 6th after discovering her obviously wheezing on Saturday Aug 3rd. The chicken had no other symptoms other than the wheezing (which at times seemed to get a bit better); she even seemed to be eating and drinking until the last two days (though I'm not sure how much). I still have a flock of 28 and of course now am watching them like a hawk for even the slightest sign of illness. So much so that might might be prone to question even the slightest sound, even ones that may be normal, but that I haven't paid particular attention to before. I'm hoping some of you can help me continue to expand my knowledge when it comes to respiatory illnesses in chickens.

    1) How quickly do respiratory diseases generally spread through a flock?

    2) Would it be likely (or not) for symptoms to be observed in a chicken as far back as 7 days ago, have the chicken die 3 days ago without having seen any further symptoms in the flock and still have some get sick and die if it was a respiratory disease (in other words, would it be likel6 for it to move that slowly)?

    3) Will chickens sometimes make very slight wheezing sounds that are of no concern (I know I've made some wheezing sounds that are not a health concern)?

    4) I've been going to the coop at night a picking up each chicken and listening to it's breathing very closely, tonight I noticed that one of them made what might be considered a very slight wheezing sound while I was handling it and listening to it's breathing, however when it was perched on it's own, nothing about it's breathing sounded unusual.

    Any insights to help me expand my knowledge on the subject would be appreciated.

    Thank You
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    Question 1. The rate at which a respiratory disease spreads varies on the disease. Infectious Bronchitis will infect an entire flock within 48 hours, while Chronic Respiratory Disease travels much slower, sometimes not even infecting all of the birds.

    Question 2. It all depends on the respiratory disease. Especially in cases of chronic diseases, the disease progresses very slowly. Some birds will get infected, and then, a while later, other will get infected.

    Question 3. If you're only hearing very slight wheezing noises, it may just be normal. However, wheezing is, in my opinion, always a cause for concern.

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