Looking for neighboors in illinois

Hi Jeff,

I just signed up today! I'm from West Central Illinois, on the Mississippi. I live just outside of the Quad Cities (Rock Island, Moline, East Moline).

I'm so loving this forum, it's so full of info and help!!

I just got half a dozen Araucana chicks Saturday and these are the first chickens I've had since the 90's. I look forward to hearing more about everyone's experiences and chickens!!

Hey, where do you get your chicks? I live in town and am trying to get away with keeping chickens in town, right next to neighbors who may not be thrilled with this whole thing. LOL I need a place to get just a few and that would probably mean driving to pick them up since I can no way handle having the minimum most hatcheries require for shipping.

Anyway, hope to hear more from you and other Illinoisians!
Jeff - I just joined this as well. From Dunlap. Welcome. Looks like there will be a bird thing going on at expo gardens on May 17th. That will be a first for me as well. I'm hoping to get some buff orpingtons before then, but if not that is my last hope.
There is always a sale in Kewanee on Fridays. Call Kewanee Sale Barn for times.
I go to the Kewanee sale barn every Friday, I hatch ducks, turkeys, quail, guineas, and chicks to take every week, I wish the weather would cooperate instead of rain every time!
We love Peoria too! A small town that isn't too small & a big town that isn't too big. It's just right.

Cindy - at the sale barn - do you know if they sell buff orpingtons? I've been trying to get a mess of those for ever & can't find the local. I'm going to order chicks next week, but a minimum order with shipping is going to put me out $50 minimum. I really only want 4 or 5 hens.
I have some 4 day olds to take tomorrow, there are a few buff orpingtons I dont know if they are pullets lol. the others are aracauna, barred rock, black astrolorp, and assorted mix. quite frequently there are buff orpington hens, and they usually go for around 10 dollars each. they are a popular breed. Need any baby geese or ducklings?, Ill have some of those too.

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