Looking for non hatchery heritage Delawares in the Northwest

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  1. I am interested in buying some Delawares, breeder stock, not hatchery. Preferably in WA state but Northwest OK. Does anyone know of someone? Appreciate any help. Thanks
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    Pink chick has dellies. But I don't know in what quantity. You can PM her.

    Also there is a Delaware thread. You can post your request on it.
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    The Delaware Poultry site list an Oregon breeder, Putt's Poultry, in Lebanon, Or. Their contact info is on the club's breeder page.
  4. First, I was hoping for someone close enough for local pick up. My next step was someone close enough so eggs would be in transit as little as possible. If eggs were not available the same would go for chicks. I looked up breeders on the Delaware Club site and I did contact the breeder in OR. She wanted to send me chicks in March. The last chicks I had shipped in March arrived as ice cubes (yes frozen solid) I then inquired of her about hatching eggs and she never replied. I would prefer eggs as I can get them now and have them hatched before I could safely have chicks shipped. I will just keep going down the list until I find someone willing to help. I am serious about this breed and work on all my chickens towards the SOP. I want them primarily for meat but wanted to also work on preserving a Heritage breed and they fit both perfectly for me.
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    This is a very busy time especially for those of us helping the Delaware breed recover. I would make the guess the vast majority of all eggs hatchable at this time are in their incubators as every single one of mine will be through March and possibly April just to get the numbers we need to get the breed improved. So, its not people wanting to be difficult we just have so few birds we are way behind digging deep for decent breeding stock. I am new at this but I do understand it will be later in the year before I can get stock/eggs from heritage breeders as they are performing the same actions as Delaware breeders are at this time of the year.

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