Looking for opinions about this coop kit

I think it is very cute but pricey. It does not offer much space, so if you want more than 3 chickens it will be way too small (minimum space requirement per chicken is 4 square feet). If you are planning on letting your chickens free range for parts of the day, they will be fine.
If you are going to stick with 3 chicks, this coop should fit you just right. But the price is pretty high. If you have someone handy around you could build it for about $200.00. look at my coop and I only spent about $350.00 building with my kids. good luck
I saw one at a feed store yesterday, very small, wouldn't put more than 3 banties in it. Also I bought the Ware chickn barn and was not thrilled with thr quality. It required some reinforcing and lots of paint. The stain they use does NOT seal the wood at all. I am using my barn and with teh extra effort put into making it secure I think it will work for me. Oh and the chicken yard they sell separately is a joke! Don't buy it.
I see things which would concern me, including the price...you could make something much cheaper which would work for three chickens while you plan your ideal coop. Check out this thread:


Obviously they are looking for something bigger, but you will find the same "complaints" about coops over and over, which may help you make a decision. I also agree that for that price you could hire someone to build you a much nicer coop.
i like it, but you can probably build one for less, or even substitute something for a hen house. How many chickens were you planning on putting in there?
I have never seen it in real life, looks cute on the picture. I can't seem to find the coop size (perhaps just me?), but the run is small even for just three chickens.

Check out this similarly sized one from mypetchicken also (I also don't know anything about that one, but it is significantly cheaper)
They even mention themselves that it is not intended for full time confinement (you have to either let your chickens free range or have a separate run set up).
Don't do it! I have one that is similar, just a bit smaller. It's junk. If you have any predator bigger than a squirrel you chickens are done for. Mine is all warped. I even painted it to try to prevent it from getting worse but it's done for. It's only a year old too.
Ok, sounds like I could do better to use a plan and buy my own materials. I am just a bit overwhelmed by all the designs online, and I have only minimal carpentry skills (I have built some furniture but nothing like this). We want to have space that is really comfortable for 3 chickens to have a good life, ideally, and have an area that is about 6'X3' for the structure, plus more room to put a run area. Can anyone recommend a good plan (a coop that is easy to access and clean) that has a clear list of supplies, really good explicit directions, easy enough for a non-carpenter?

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