Looking for pictures of Barred Easter Eggers (BR hens mixed w/ Ameraucana Rooster)

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    Sep 6, 2016
    So there was a thread on here somewhere where a few people posted pix of their EE's that were a mix of Barred Rock hens with Ameraucana Roosters. I have been searching through all the threads and can't find the one post I'm looking for, in it a couple people posted really good pix of the eggs! But I would love to see pictures of people's crosses, preferably just BR hens mixed with Am roos but any barred rock/ameraucana mix would be awesome!
    I am breeding my Barred Rock hens with my Blue Ameraucana Rooster and would love to see pix of eggs people have gotten from this mix. I only have chicks so I haven't had the pleasure of seeing what their eggs look like! :)
    Here's a few pix of my EE chicks from this mix:

    1 of 3 boys
    Adorable blue gal
    and the only black ones without white dots on their heads so I believe both are pullets

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