Looking for Pullets in Late May


Mar 12, 2013
New Jersey
I did this last year, and it worked out well! I am looking to buy started pullets in mid-late May (depending on when a seller can) to add to my flock. I recently built a larger coop and I want to add to my current flock of 5. I am looking to buy a whole bunch of new birds, and will entertain a variety of breed ideas. Definitely interested in Easter Eggers, Australorps, Sex Links, Rhode Island Reds, Ameraucana, Marans (of all varieties), Olive Eggers, Wyandotte, or Polish (if they can survive NJ winter). I keep chickens for both eggs and the enjoyable experience. I have raised my birds for one year and had great success. Please PM or reply if you have any of these breeds or one that fits the bill (which is good/great layer and relatively calm temperment). Thanks so much!!

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