Looking for Ready-to-Lay Hens Southern Ontario


6 Years
Jun 9, 2017
Hi guys,

Just wondering if anybody knew of any places that had more variety of breeds that are currently (or will soon be) offering ready to lay hens in the Southern Ontario Region (Toronto, Niagara Falls, Kingston, Oshawa, Stouffville, etc... I'm in Toronto but willing to travel pretty far). I'm not looking for anything hugely fancy, just trying to avoid the typical Isa browns and so on that tend to get sick so quickly. Ideally looking for Plymouth Rocks or Columbian Rocks or other hardy hybrids.
I tried Frey's but unfortunately the availability sheet on their website doesn't match their actual availability. Ready-to-lays apparently won't be there until late may.
I've thought of Kijiji as a last resort but it doesn't seem safe, as far as health of the chickens goes.
Any suggestions, thanks!
Having read through the Frey's website I was not only disappointed in the limited selection they offer but, was astounded by the lack of information (on the breeds)on the whole site. Can I bring fresh eggs (from Meyers Hatchery) across the border? Travelling from Ohio to Ontario, Canada? thank you kindly, newt13
newt13 I don't think you can. There are fairly strict laws preventing certain things passing the border, and this absolutely includes live chicks and fertilized eggs. I imagine it's not impossible, but it would be a huge process involving documents proving they are all vaccinated against a range of disease and large fees.
If you not planning to slaughter them, just use them for eggs, why not look into a farm animal sanctuary place & adoption? That's what we did for our girls, who've turned out to be wonderful layers. Of course, we are running an old age home for chickens (which is understandably crazy to some folks), so our philosophy fit right in to the sanctuary philosophy of kindness & not killing them...
I've looked desperately for sanctuaries anywhere near me that have chickens they're looking for homes for, but none seem to exist. Backyard chickens aren't fully legal yet in Toronto, so I don't think that helps. So far I've resorted to looking through Kijiji to try and find any unwanted ladies.
If you know of any places I've somehow overlooked, please let me know.
Gosh, I am sorry but I don't know of any other sources in Canada. Thinking outside the box, I have a couple of suggestions though:

1) A friend of ours in Montana has a factory egg//chicken farm near them & whenever hens get to the stage where the farm sees them as unprofitable, they're available for adoption. In my friends' case, they can have as many as they want (free). Of course, I haven't any idea if it would work that way in your area (or somewhere near), but perhaps it'd be worth checking into.

2) Maybe some local//localish backyard chicken keepers would be able to help you to start and/or expand your flock?

Good luck in any case.

1. I've tried looking for such places, but without any success. But I honestly don't feel like I'm quite experienced enough for the poor chooks - I'm still new to chickens as is. And part of the reason I'm allowed chickens at all is because my parents get eggs, haha

2.That's sort of the direction I'm heading right now.

Thanks for all your help, though!

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