Looking For Rooster That Has Permenetly Lost His Crow In GA --> NVM!


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9 Years
May 9, 2010
Egglanta, GA
Hello all. This Spring I think I'll be looking to get a rooster that has PERMANETLY lost his crow. I'm adopting a chicken-in-need! Because I can't have roosters where I live, I would need one with out a crowing ability. I live in Atlanta, so anyone in GA or South Carolina I would be interested in. The rooster can't be sick or anything, and has to be non-agressive. I really don't care if he's a "lap chicken" or people-loving, but he can NOT be aggressive to people or his girls. I don't care about the breed. Thanks.
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I've never heard of one. There is even a surgery to do this, but it is dangerous and expensive.

Beware, some roosters don't crow because they are not the dominant one and will get punished if they do, but once the punisher is removed....
Really? I've heard of a lot. I would never get a surgery for this, I would just take one that has already lost it.
Well, I'm of the School of Couldn't-Hurt-To-Ask, so who knows, you just might find your mute rooster. But the only roosters I have that don't crow are in my freezer.

Recently I caponized some cockerels when they were about 9-11 weeks old and I haven't heard them crow since. But it's not an operation I would recommend to keep a rooster from crowing. First, there's no guarantee that will be the result with every caponized bird, and second, along with the crow you'd lose all his other manly characteristics. You might as well have a hen, at least she would give you some eggs. Caponizing is done in order to make boy birds get meatier for the table.

I think that as the backyard chicken movement continues to grow then more vets will see chickens as patients, and receive training in their schools for it. And I bet one of the techniques they will learn, and perfect, will be de-crowing roosters.
are you sure you cant work out a way to keep a rooster? maybe just give it a try and plan on rehoming if it doesnt work out. My neighbors have been real nice about my roos, and I try to keep them in their coop for a while in the morning so everyone sleeps in. But actually I think we all got used to the crowing like we do the dog barking and the motorbikes and the mowers and the kids...etc. I didnt ever think I'd be able to keep one either, and used to freak everytime one crowed here. But seems I was the only one freaking....
I have 6 roosters and 3 of them I have never heard crow. I think it's because they are not high in the order. I am in GA and would be happy to sell you one. However, I fear once they are top Roo they would find their crower.
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