Looking for Silkie Bantam Breeders in Jacksonville Florida


6 Years
Sep 23, 2013
I would like to get my mom a silkie bantam chick for her birthday in November. Preferably a female, color does not matter.

Does anyone know of a silkie breeder nearby or close to Jacksonville, Florida?
Well, my first question is will you have other chicks at the time? Chicks are not happy alone. A singleton chick will also make you unhappy (peep peep peep ALL the time). I would recommend at least 3 in case something happens to one.

Next, no breeder can sex silkie chicks. Neither do the hatcheries. So if you want a pullet get several chicks in the hopes of getting at least one pullet.

Bobbi Porto is in Florida, but I can't remember where at the moment. If she isn't nearby maybe she will attend a poultry show near you.
To answer your questions, I think I will end up getting three or four. What happened was I was walking my dog and a young chicken was on our porch. I took my shih-Tzu in the house and she had waddled off into our bushes by the road. I think she had been living there for a week or so because the doggie was wanting to be around the bushes for extended periods of time. We were afraid she would get hurt, our neighbors have big dogs that roam and there are cats around that live outside so we made our dog pen into a makeshift chicken coop. It turns out she was a neighbor's down the block and across the street. Poor baby was missing feathers and jittery but after we got her in the coop and fed her a sleeve of saltine crackers (forgive me I did not know what they ate at the time) and bread with plenty of water she started cooing and sounded like she was singing. She even tilted her head when I talked to her. So we had to give her back today. She was the last of her batch, her two companions got attacked by cats. Mom just feel in love with her and she had chickens when she was a young girl and knows how to care for them. Our dog feel for her to, he just sat by the coop and looked at her. She even came to lay next to him and went to sleep and he didn't lunge or bark at her. So, I thought I would get her one or two but after some reading I see the benefits of having three or four.

They will not be for show or breeding or anything like that. They will be for companionship. So I Am not sure I will need a pullet. I say females because we live in a city and the houses are close and a rooster might cause trouble with the neighbors.

Thank you for the reply! I will look and see if I can find Bobbi.
If u look on Facebook there's a guy, Dan Rotoli... He has all kinds. His place is called Rotoli Hatchery & u can pick up at their farm.

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