looking for silkie/showgirl chicks in Lincoln Nebraska Area


did you check craigslist, a gal posted some showgirl chicks on Friday (i think?) she is selling for $5.

I also might have a few hatch this coming week, I got from Angie in Texas but the post office did a number on them, only had four that made it and not sure if they will hatch or no.

Those are showgirls, and also hoping for a couple silkies as well if my hatch turns out, as well as Mille D'uccle.

Nice to meet you, always glad to see other folks in my area!

I emailed her a couple days ago, and she sold them FAST! That is part of the reason that I want showgirls, is just because they are so unique. Where are you guys located compared to me, Im about 10-12 miles north of Lincoln.
I am right in the city of LIncoln, otherwise I would have fertile eggs or chicks for you.

I have a sweet lil showgirl but cant have a mate for her since no roo's in the city. We are moving soon to an acreage we bought, about 15 miles west of Lincoln but still in process of fixing it up.

We should take this to pm, dont want to violate tos on the bst threads.

If tall are able to get any eggs from angie in TX her chics are great I am on my second batch of 24 now that are due on the 18th and 20 out of 24 are developing. My 1st batch was held up by the post office for almost 10 days and I still had 5 showgirls and 2 silkies hatch out of that batch . Good luck to all

Did you get my message about the 2 Silkie chicks they had at the feedstore (Orschelns) in Crete on Friday night?

Dont know the quality of them, but they were cute lil boogers!

I did get your PM, but have been too busy to send one back. Im sure they are probably gone by now, which is kind of sad. I have 4 self blue silkies coming next friday from Ideal, along with 23 chickens of other breeds. I would really like to purchase a couple showgirls though. I dont have an incubator, so I cant hatch anything either.
Thanks for sending me the message, and sorry for not getting back to you faster.
Did you get them? If you did, I would love to see pics of the little guys!

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