LOOKING FOR! Silkies, orpingtons, marans, BLRW!

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    Apr 9, 2011
    My brother is in Idaho and going on a road trip! He's graciously offered to pick up well started or adult birds for me on his trip! He will be traveling through:
    -Sioux Falls
    -Kansas City
    -Oklahoma City

    Here's my wish list.... it's a bit hefty but thought I'd throw it out there and see what I could see!
    Adults or well started juveniles of the following:
    -Lavender Silkies - hens, pairs, rooster, anything! Close to show quality to improve my flock
    -english style black orpington hens or pullets (LF please)
    -english style lavender orpington hens or pullets (LF please
    -Wheaten Marans pair or hens
    -Chocolate Cuckoo LF orpington cockerel
    -Chocolate LF orpinton cockerel or pairs or...
    -Mottled LF orpington pullets
    -BLRW hens (foley lines or similar)
    -blue marans, no copper (working on egg color of my birds so that is important!)
    -Coucou Malines pair
    -Swedish Flower hens or pullets

    Any help locating these birds would be much appreciated!!!

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