looking for small bit of land to rent/trade in NY CT or NJ

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    Dec 16, 2008
    Ok I have decided to see if there is anyone living with in 1 hour of me that would let me house some of my flock. I want to keep certain roos & hens for breeding and just will not be able to where I live. I would like to work out a deal with someone where I can come every other day to care for them and pick up and drop off my various roos and hens when I need them. In addition I would hire a highschooler to check on the chooks when I am unable to be there (if needed) I would obviously pay for all food and housing and even build a coop that would blend nicely with their home. I would want to keep my flock seperate from any other chooks for health reasons. I would prefer to pay in trade but will be willing to work out a rent fee as well. I am in westchester NY so I am thinking up by Katona would be perfect but would consider LI or NJ, or CT as well

    If someone had an old barn I would love that as well and would renovate the entire barn to be allowed to use it (my SO owns a construction company)

    I would only need this for 3 years maximum since after that I will be able to move to my own farm.

    if anyone is interested please pm me [​IMG]

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