Looking for Someone Willing to Raise Chickens Near San Jose, California

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  1. I am trying to find a person near San Jose, California who is willing to raise some chickens in their backyard and sell me the eggs. I have some specific requirements for the diet, and I'll subsidize that cost. If interested please send me a private message.

    I have audited the farms in my area and they all feed grains to the chickens for at least 50% of their calories. That is what I want to specifically NOT do.

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    Have you tried posting on your local thread in the Where am I, Where are you section? You would probably have more luck there. Also, if you are in an area where chickens are allowed, you might want to consider raising some of your own this way, because I'm not sure too many people will want to go through the time, and all the work, required to feed chickens a paleo diet just for one customer, especially if they don't eat that way themselves. You might find it easier just to raise your own. I wish you good luck in your search!
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    I wish I was. (Central ny) I am raising some chickens now bc of my Celiacs as well as other organic crops. Should know by summer when they start laying whether or not it is working. Good luck!

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