Looking for Specked Sussex eggs


~ Gemini Chick ~
11 Years
Oct 2, 2008
Bryson City, NC
I'm looking for Speckled Sussex eggs. Either 6+ or 12+, whatever you have as long as it won't cost an arm & a leg.
Please PM me the price of each mentioned (including shipping to 28713). Thanks, TaLani.
I would like to buy some fertile eggs from you. Will you ship them. I am in IA. I have hatched eggs from the mail before, they did great. My grandson is coming for the summer I would love for him to have this exsperience.
I have leghorn hens and New Hampshire red roo. I will send some to anyone who might want some. Thanks lisa
Lisa, yes we ship eggs and would be glad to do so. Please let me know how many speckled sussex you might want. I do have an order ahead of you.

Thanks for your interest and have a blessed day.


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